Wednesday, July 4, 2012


By: Mercy Joy Lubiano

       Caring and nursing most of the times are being thought in synonymous manner because caring in the nursing profession takes place in every nurse-patient interaction. Congruently in order to be a good nurse, we must have in-depth knowledge about caring and competent skills in putting it into practice. Caring is a vital part and one of the major focus in nursing, that's why there are many of nurse theorists/leaders who created nursing theories with caring as one of their key concepts like Jean Watson and Lydia Hall. There are many other nurse theorists/leaders who mentioned caring as part of their theories, but we'll focus mainly on the work of Anne Boykin and Savina Shoenhofer.

Together, Anne Boykin and Savina Shoenhofe created a grand nursing theory, which is the Theory of Nursing as Caring that states persons are caring by virtues of their humanness and live their caring moment to moment when they are whole and complete. For them, person-hood is living life grounded in caring and is being enhanced through caring for others. The basic premise of this theory is that all humans are caring person and nursing is both a discipline and a profession.

In this theory we'll learn to appreciate our innate ability to touch the lives of our needy patients through the care we are providing them. It also introduces the efficiency of using of our human potentials to help and give care naturally. Truly, there are a lot of ways on how we can show our patients that we care, like giving hope, implementing nursing interventions, keeping our patient's privacy, communicating therapeutically, promoting comfort, establishing a warm and peaceful environment, giving medicines correctly, providing health  teaching, listening attentively and even through simple ways like calling them by their own names.

To help us more in exploring the concept of caring we presented in this blog the details about Anne Boykin and Savina Shoenhofer's Theory of Nursing as Caring, its accomplishments, contributions, major concepts, key concepts, nursing process application including its strengths and weaknesses.

By : Marites Lingkob

Nursing as CARING

To Nursing Practice: The focus of nursing ... is person as living in caring and growing in care (Boykin & Schoenhofer,1993 pg.25). Nursing practice has been influenced by this idea. The challenge is not to discover what is missing ,weakened or disabled but to know that the other person is a caring individual and to nurture that person in situation- specific, creative and individualized caring ways. We will not consider nursing as a complicated process of acts that will result to a predictable end product but rather an inherent process of unfolding and guided intention.
To Nursing Administration: Nursing profession has subspecialties and administration is one of the area. All activities under nursing administration are concerned for creating, maintaining and supporting an environment which calls for nursing. Administration is directly and indirectly involved in multiple nursing situations, whether to nurse individual (as they uniquely responds to the calls) or to assist a nurse as they deliver care. Nurses in the administration formulate and implement policies within the organization to help them understand the goal/ focus of nursing and to make sure that the resources are available.
To Nursing Education: Understanding humanhood is a way of living grounded in caring and is enhanced by participating in nurturing relationships with caring others thus, affirming that nursing is both a discipline and profession. In teaching nursing, teachers guide students to know, appreciate and celebrate both self and others as caring persons. Students and teachers are in continual search to discover wider implication of caring as uniquely expressed in nursing. Examples are clearly stated on the book living as caring based Program by Boykin, 1994.
To Nursing Research & Development: The caring theory influenced nursing researcher and developer to explore and illuminate the patterns of caring personality. Dialogue, description and innovations in interpretation approach characterize research methods. Nursing science from a caring perspective is a human science that may require newer and different ways of defining nursing.

By: Marites Macapagal

          The Theory of Nursing as Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice authored by Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer tackle about the interaction of a nurse to the client as well as the relationship to the personhood. Their Theory has a big contribution to the nursing profession because the Theory stated about caring. We all know that a nurse itself will nourish to the client whether ill or well. The one will provide assistance and guidance until the client will fully recovered from illness. It is her/his duty and responsibility to ensure the good health and proper client's needs. The significance of Boykin and Schoenhofer's Theory to the other Theories is the closeness and it is related to our personal life. How we treat and give importance to a person showing our care to them especially if it is one of the member of the family. But the Theory tell us not only to our family we will show our care but to the personhood as well. Especially those who needs our service moment to moment in any status of life.
         Being a nurse is not an easy job. It takes time to understand the situation and how to facilitate the needs of the client. How to perform directly and surely to be able to make a right process in every task, especially when you are in the field of actual demostration that you have to decide independently. To act like a professional one. Giving your confidence can help to a nurse to succeed and show that you are competent like other in the same profession. It is not easy but the feeling that you've helped the client to recover from illness is the best achievement that you received, and even a simple word of "Thank You" that can make you smile and a feeling of enjoyment. That's how a nurse give a full interaction between the client and the each member of a client's family and also the member of health team.


  1. Just a note to nurses and nursing students seeking information about the theory of Nursing As Caring. This BlogSpot is a class project by students, and like most class projects, it has strengths and weaknesses. This is not a primary site; interpretation of the theory of Nursing As Caring is not always correct on this site. I recommend that you go to the official website of the theory of Nursing As Caring, for factual information about this theory.

  2. But how can we apply this theory to nursing practice, administration, education and research??